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Meet Our Wounded Veterans

Each year Boston’s Wounded Vet Run chooses different veterans to be honorees of the bike run. Unfortunately due to the amount of injured service members coming home we can only support a select number. If you know a veteran who was wounded please contact us. 100% of donations go to our wounded veterans or charities of their choosing.

This Year's 8th Annual Wounded Vet Run Honoree - 2018

Sgt Bradon Korona - Dracut, MA

Wounded in Afghanistan
While serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division, Brandon's vehicle struck an improvised explosive device. The injury resulted in the amputation of one leg, and extreme nerve damage.

Cpl Brian Johnston - East Hartford, CT

Wounded in Iraq
While deployed to Iraq with United States Marine Corps, Brian served with 1st Battalion 3rd Marines. During Operation Phantom Fury Brian sustained injuries from an improvised explosive device. The wounds resulted in the amputation of his arm and leg.

Cpt. Gregory Galeazzi - Glastonbury, CT

Wounded in Afghanistan
While serving in Afghanistan Greg was assigned to the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division. During a foot patrol seeking out Taliban fighters, Greg stepped on an improvised explosive device. The blast was so powerful it resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. He is now enrolled at Harvard Medical School to become a doctor.

Sgt. Peter Rooney - Cummings, MA

Wounded in Iraq
While serving in Iraq Peter was assigned to the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division. While on a combat patrol, Peter's vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. The blast was powerful enough to destroy his vehicle as well as lead to the amputation of both of Peter's legs.

7th Annual Wounded Vet Run Honoree - 2017

Army Cpl. Paul Skarinka

Wounded in Iraq
Army Cpl. Paul Skarinka. Paul suffered a severed artery and serious damage to his left arm and leg. The injury was sustained by a rocket-propelled grenade explosion while serving in Iraq. Paul underwent 22 surgeries, but unfortunatley his leg had to be amputated. He is now living with his wife and two children in the in the Southshore of Mass. Paul volunteers when capable as a firefighter in the Town of Plympton. He inspires to continue to be a paramedic, helping others.

Marine Sgt Joshua Bouchard

Wounded in Afghanistan
Marine Sgt Joshua Bouchard served as an infantryman in Afghanistan in 2009. While deployed, Josh lost his left leg and suffered a spinal injury when his Humvee was destroyed by an IED. The explosion killed two fellow Marines and wounded a third. He currently lives in Granby, Massachusetts and utilizes a wheel chair from an injury that has left him paralyzed. This May, we ride for Josh.

Specialist Brandon Boyd

Wounded in Iraq
Specialist Brandon Boyd served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Due to injuries he sustain in combat, Brandon must also rely on a wheel chair because of a spinal injury. Brandon currently resides in New Hampshire and hopes to ride again himself one day. We look forward to honoring him this May with thousands of people who enjoy his same hobby.

Sgt First Class Jon Harmon

Wounded in Afghanistan
Sgt First Class Jon Harmon is a U.S. Army Paratrooper with multiple tours of duty. During Jon's last combat deployment to Afghanistan he was severely wounded by an improvised explosive device. The explosion resulted in the loss of his legs. Jon is still serving on active duty and is the founder of "Veterans Enhancement Project", a program building trike motorcycles for wounded veterans.

Spc Kenny Butler

Wounded in Iraq
Spc Kenny Butler was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division who served in combat during with a tour in Iraq. During his tour, he was severely injured resulting in the loss of his right arm due to an explosion. Kenny currently resides in Weymouth, MA with his wife and son.

SSG Brie Sullivan

Wounded in Afghanistan
SSG Brie Sullivan was a member of the Massachusetts National Guard. During a combat deployment to Afghanistan, she was gravely wounded when a rocket propelled grenade struck her convoy. The explosion shattered parts of her face costing her the loss of an eye ball and a traumatic brain injury. She has made a steady recovery and we are ready to welcome her as our second woman veteran.

6th Annual Wounded Vet Run Honoree - 2016

Sgt John Peck, Virginia

Wounded in Afghanistan
At the age of 24, Sgt. Peck was serving in Helmand province, Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED and triggered an explosion that would change his life forever. The resulting blast amputated his legs, part of his right arm, damaged his left arm, and caused third-degree burns on his stomach.

Sgt William Gadsby, San Diego

Wounded in Iraq in 2007
Sgt. William Gadsby is a combat Veteran of the USMC who served two combat deployments to Iraq with 2/5 Marines as a Rifleman. Gadsby was wounded on his second combat deployment by an IED explosion and a sniper’s round. Since his medical retirement from the USMC, Mr. Gadsby has been a lobbyist and an advocate for veterans in congress and other non-profit organizations.

Lcpl Phillip Quintana, AZ

Wounded in 2005 in Afghanistan
On September 29th 2005 his truck was blown up launching him from the turret severely fracturing his tibia and fibula of his left leg. From the severity of the wounds to his left leg he had to have it amputated from the knee down.

Lcpl Mark Beyers, NY

Wounded in Iraq in 2005
Mark suffered massive injuries to his entire body and spent a year away from his family when he began medical treatment. Mark lost his right arm and right leg, but never lost his positive attitude and will to survive.

Army SSG James Clark of Hinsdale, NH

Wounded in Afghanistan
James lost his leg and part of a foot in an 2009 Afghanistan deployment by an IED. He is the first NH resident honored by hour New England mission. He currently works at a small diner in western Mass. He is married with two children.

Sgt Peter Damon of Middleborough, MA

Wounded in Iraq
Sgt Peter Damon lost both his arms in Iraq in 2003. While fixing a Blackhawk helicopter tire, it malfunctioned and exploded. The explosion killed a fellow mechanic and wounded Peter gravely. Pete know owns and operates his own art store now and paints. In 2016 we ride for him!

Sgt Josh Hawkins, Kansas

Wounded in Afghanistan
Sgt Josh Hawkins was deployed to south east Afghanistan to Fob Orgun-E, in 2010, before deploying his right knee was injured in training. While deployed his leg injuries continued to get worse and he had his leg amputated above the knee.

Army Specialist Sean Pesce of West Haven, CT

Wounded in Afghanistan
Sean was shot thirteen times in a fire fight in Afghanistan. One of the rounds pierced his spine causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down. Money raised for Sean will be put towards his foundation to better his quality of life. Rangers lead the way, and in 2016 he will too.

Marine Sgt Eric Rodriguez

Wounded in Afghanistan
Eric was wounded in Afghanistan by an improvised explosive device. Eric lost a leg and took severe damage to another. He was serving with 1st Battalion 8th Marines in Helmand Province . He plays Paralympic basket ball for the US Marines and is good spirits.

Marine Sgt. Kirstie Ennis

Wounded in Afghanistan
On June 23, 2012, a CH-53E Super Stallion Ennis was aboard went down during a combat resupply run to Forward Operating Base Now Zad, Afghanistan. All eight people aboard survived, but the crash left Ennis with a shattered jaw, broken leg bones, burns, cervical and lumbar spine damage, traumatic brain injury and a hearing impairment. After a few years of trying to salvage her leg it unfortunately had to be amputated. After 38 reconstructive surgeries and years of speech and cognitive therapy, the 24-year-old is scheduled to appear on US Paralympic team.

Sgt Matt Amos, Kansas

Wounded in Afghanistan
While on a dismounted patrol, on 6 June 2011, Sgt Amos was severely wounded after stepping on a pressure plate improvised explosive device, which resulted in the loss of both of his legs, a fractured pelvis, and numerous internal injuries.

5th Annual Wounded Vet Run Honoree - 2015

Cpl Josh Williams, NY

Wounded in Afghanistan
Cpl Josh Williams is from Seaford, Long Island. He was seriously wounded from an IED in Afghanistan.

Sgt Gab Martinez, Colorado

Wounded in Afghanistan
Marine Sgt. Gabriel Martinez of Elizabeth lost his legs while serving his country. It happened in Afghanistan while clearing explosive devices.

Army SSGT Nicholas Lavery

Wounded in Afghanistan
Nicholas was a member of a Special Forces group in Afghanistan when he became ambushed. Nick lost a leg due to the attack and still serves in the Army. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts.

Army SSG Travis Mills: Maine

Wounded in Afghanistan
Travis was with the 82nd Airborne when he was critically injured on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan by an IED (improvised explosive device) while on patrol, losing portions of both legs and both arms. He is one of only five quadruple amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to survive his injuries.

Cpl Garrett Jones, Virginia

Wounded in Iraq in 2007
two weeks before Garrett was scheduled to return home, he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED). His left leg was completely mangled and eventually amputated. He lost both eardrums, suffered a grade 3 concussion, and was left with severe shrapnel wounds throughout his body.

Army SSG Brendan Ferreira: Seekonk, MA

Wounded in Afghanistan
Brendan fell victim to a suicide bomber while deployed to Afghanistan. Ferreira suffered the amputation of his left arm, serious sight impairment in both eyes, 100 percent hearing loss in one ear and 50 percent loss in the other, multiple broken bones in his face, legs and torso, and severe lacerations and burns on his entire body.

Cpl Brad Ivanchan, Arizona

Wounded in Afghanistan in 2012
Brad was wounded in Afghanistan by an IED and lost both his legs,

Army SSG Michael Downing: Middleboro, MA

Wounded in Afghanistan in September 2008
Michael was on his second deployment when he was left a double amputee after an IED explosion in Afghanistan in September 2008. He has had along road to recovery.SSG Downing enjoys spending time with his wife Dawnalee and their four children. Before his injuries he played golf and hockey and was a softball coach for his daughter's team.

Sgt Eric Stump, NC 2015

Wounded in Afghanistan in 2013
This warrior is a Bronze Star w/ Combat and Purple Heart Recipient. He has been in the transition process and though all his wounds may not all be visible. We will come together to shape this Warrior into using leadership skills and traits as an effective American Veteran.

4th Annual Wounded Vet Run Honorees - 2014

Cpl Andy Kingsley, Athol, MA

Wounded in Afghanistan 2010
Army Cpl Andy Kingsley was a member of the 82 Airborne Div when he was severely wounded during combat operations in Afghanistan. Andy's FOB was bombarded by enemy mortar fire when shrapnel ripped through his body. Due to his injuries, doctors amputated his right leg above the knee, some fingers, and toes. Andy struggles to wear a prosthetic leg because of how high his amputation is and often can be confined to a wheel chair... WE RIDE FOR HIM.

Sgt Jorge Salazar, San Diego

Wounded in Afghanistan
Sgt Jorge Salazar lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.

Cpl Kevin Vaughan, NY

Wounded in Afghanistan
Cpl Kevin Vaughan was wounded in Afghanistan in September of 2011 by an IED.

For his service to his country, Corporal Vaughan earned the Purple Heart, the Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, Navy Sea Service Ribbon, and the NATO Medal.

Cpl Kevin Dubois: Lincoln, R.I.

Wounded in Afghanistan 2011
Marine Sniper Cpl Kevin Dubois was severely wounded in Afghanistan during combat operations in July of 2011. Kevin, like many other infantryman fell victim to an I.E.D. and his injury is one of the worst in the country. Doctors were forced to amputate both of his legs, hips, and much of his waist. Kevin too, can not wear prosthetic legs comfortably and is mostly wheel chair bound. His spirits are high and he has baby on the way! WE RIDE FOR HIM.

Sgt Aaron Alonso, NC

Wounded in Afghanistan in 2014
Sgt Aaron Alonso lost both of his legs in Afghanistan in early 2014.

Spc Mason Steil, Arizona

Wounded in Afghanistan
Spc Mason Steil was wounded in Afghanistan in 2012.

MSGT Joseph Deslauriers: Bellingham, MA

Wounded in Afghanistan 2011
Air Force MSGT Joseph Deslauries had one of the most dangerous jobs in Afghanistan during 2011. As an E.O.D. tech , it was Joe's job to disarm any road side bombs in which friendly forces came in contact with. On a routine mission Joe stepped on a secondary I.E.D. and it resulted in devastating injuries. Joe became one of few triple amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Doctors had to amputate both of his legs and his left arm. He too is in high spirits and is now medically retired from the Air Force .. WE RIDE FOR HIM.

3rd Annual Wounded Vet Run Honorees - 2013

Army Lt. Jake Murphy: Wellsley, MA

Wounded in Afghanistan on July 23, 2011
First Lieutenant Jake Murphy, 25, served the United States Army, 10th MTN DIV. in Kandahar, Afghanistan. On July 23, 2011, Lieutenant Murphy was injured by an lED, resulting in the amputation of both legs. He is the recipient of the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star, and is a West Point graduate. He continues his rehabilitation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at Bethesda and is accompanied by his caregiver and fiance, Lisa Morgan.

Marine Cpl James Crosby: Winthrop, MA

Wounded in Iraq on March 18, 2004
James served with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, in Al Asad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2004 James suffered from a spinal cord injury when an enemy rocket landed a few feet away from him.

Marine Lcpl Nick Eufrazio: Plymouth, Ma

Wounded in Afghanistan on Nov 21, 2010
Nick served with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when shrapnel from a grenade wounded him in 2010. Nick has a traumatic brain injury and currently going through surgeries to replace parts of his skull. Nick is currently in the Tampa VA medical center.

2nd Annual Wounded Vet Run Honorees - 2012

Marine Cpl. Evan Reichenthal: Princeton, Ma

Wounded in Afghanistan on January 5th, 2011
Cpl. Reichenthal is an 0341 INFANTRY MOTORMAN. While performing combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Evan was struck with shrapnel from an improvised explosive device. As a result of his injuries, Evan had his left leg amputated, left arm fused at a 40 degree, and severe nerve damage throughout his body.

Marine Sgt. Greg Caron: Ellington, CT

Wounded in Afghanistan on Nov. 12, 2011
Sgt. Greg Caron is an 0311 INFANTRY RIFLEMAN. While on a foot patrol in Afghanistan, Greg entered an abandoned compound searching for a suspected terrorist and bomb maker. A booby trap caused Greg to loose both his legs below the knee and much use of his right arm. Greg also suffers from nerve damage throughout his body.

1st Annual Wounded Vet Run Honorees - 2011

Army Cpl Vincent Mannion-Brodeur: Boston, MA

Wounded in Iraq on March 11, 2007
Cpl Vincent Mannion-Brodeur received a traumatic brain injury requiring the removal of his cranium and part of his frontal lobe. Shrapnel tore through his entire upper torso and his left arm was nearly blown off. After years of operations, procedures, lengthy hospital stays Vinnie is finally back home in Cape Cod and continues to serve as an inspiration.